The Truth:
About the Five Primary Religions

By Rev. Laura M. George, J.D.

The Truth

Paperback: $19.95


The Truth presents a concise summary of the divine messages sent to us by God through our greatest Prophets. When studied successively, these spiritual lessons form a Tower of Truth that should not be broken or interpreted along sectarian lines. Instead, these Truths should be assimilated into a contemporary spiritual and scientific database then shared by everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

The Truth explores the five primary religions that evolved after the Prophets died: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, to determine whether any of these man-made religions have remained faithful to the Truth, including the primordial Truth that God is composed of half masculine and half feminine energies.

The Truth reveals that orthodox religion has built a Tower of Babel with God's messages and failed to lead us into the New Millennium, as prophesied in all the holy books. Moreover, these now ancient religions have polarized humanity and brought us to the brink of World War III. Tragically, the global resurgence of religious fundamentalism is a direct result of the divisive practices perpetuated by the leaders of orthodox religion, who seem more intent on preserving their power than leading us toward spiritual enlightenment.

After reading this award-winning book, you will know the answers to the following questions:

  • What was the First Spiritual Paradigm?
  • When did mankind start to perceive God as a male deity?
  • Did the major Prophets impart regional, universal, or incremental Truths?
  • What is the Saddha process of soul growth?
  • How have men of power used religion through the ages to herd the masses?
  • What are The Seven Rules of Any Good Religion?
  • Why has the New Age movement faltered?
  • How close is humanity to embracing the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm?

You also will know the Truth about the five primary religions and be able to decide for yourself whether organized religion is aiding or impeding the next phase of God's plan for mankind…Spiritual Evolution.

  • The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions (2nd Ed.)
  • © 2010 The Oracle Institute
  • ISBN: 978-0-9773929-1-9
  • 6 x 9 paperback • 448 pages • appendix • $19.95
  • Release date: February 2010
  • Publisher: The Oracle Institute Press

Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) Winner!

Ippy Silver

Acclaim for The Truth

“An intriguing analysis of early Christianity and the fracturing of the Jesus movement.”

~Robert Eisenman, Ph.D., Professor of Middle East Religions & Archaeology at California State University, and author of The New Testament Code, James the Brother of Jesus, and The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

“The great tension in religion is always between the particular form that demands ultimate loyalty and the universal quest that is common to all religious forms. This book bridges that tension and calls us to walk through the particular faithfully as the means of reaching the universal. That is a major and a breakthrough accomplishment.”

~Bishop John Shelby Spong, NY Times bestselling author of Eternal Life: A New Vision, Why Christianity Must Change or Die, and Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism

"The Truth concisely describes the evolution of religion and theology through the past twenty thousand years, the fracturing of the New Age movement, and the coming Spiritual Paradigm….The Truth is to be given high praise and is very strongly recommended reading for dedicated students of interfaith religious studies."

~ Midwest Book Review

“Laura’s underlying worldview, articulated as seven basic principles, coincides with natural science and philosophy. From that perspective, she shares a very personal journey through the history of supernatural religion. She finds constructive concepts, but its practice is found wanting…. She envisions science open to the inner experiences of human consciousness, but grounded in a consensual reality. Her panetheism sees the wisdom and purposefulness of the original Creator throughout nature.”

~Paul Von Ward, independent scholar, cosmologist, and author of Gods, Genes & Consciousnes and The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation

“Laura reaches deep within the soul of the reader with her gift of blending inner knowing with scholarship – a true partnership of heart and mind, feminine and masculine. The strength of this book is that the Universal Truths that emerge from the author’s earnest quest ring true for readers, because her quest is one they recognize as their own.”

~Susan S. Trout, Ph.D., President of the Institute for the Advancement of Service and author of The Soul and Service Trilogy, The Awakened Leader, and The Clarion Call.>

“The seven rules for judging the adequacy of any religious tradition are well chosen and persuasive. Intelligent and rational people ought to carefully consider how well their own beliefs and practices measure up to these guidelines.”

~ Karen Lang, Ph.D., Professor of Religion at the University of Virginia

"This is a tastefully designed book which in the course of its advocacy provides a useful summary of the ‘divine messages’ sent to us by God through the prophets, and explores the five religions – Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam – to determine if any of these manmade religions ‘have remained faithful to the Truth."

~Gene Schwartz, Editor at Large of ForeWord Magazine.

Laura George

About Rev. Laura M. George, J.D.

Laura George is an artist, author, speaker, and Executive Director of The Oracle Institute. Her debut book, The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions, won a Bronze Medal. Her second book, The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm, is an anthology with contributions from international luminaries.

Once the Oracle Campus is completed, Laura will compose the final installment of the Oracle trilogy – The Light: And the New Human.