Mission of the Oracle Spirituality School

Oracle’s Spirituality School is a primary teaching vehicle for The Oracle Institute. Our mission is to craft classes, retreats, and conferences that promote the spiritual development of both student and teacher. We accomplish our mission by offering a curriculum that challenges the mind, cultivates the heart, and promotes the process of soul growth.

Oracle believes that all human beings have the ability to expand their consciousness, and we promote a proven framework for achieving spiritual enlightenment. Oracle also operates the Peace Pentagon HUB, which provides training and tools for sacred activism to advance pluralistic and progressive values.

Evolutionary Offerings!

When you attend a class or retreat at the Oracle Campus, you will find yourself transported to a holistic, pristine environment where you can expand your consciousness and cultivate your spiritual development.

Careful thought and intention has been put into every detail of our campus in order to provide guests with a truly transcendent experience each time they visit.

PMH and students 

Our Spirituality School focuses on the esoteric teachings of the five primary religions and the wisdom found in ancient mystery schools, indigenous traditions, and other faiths.

Our classes also delve into cutting-edge theories, such as Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and the confluence of science and spirituality.


Classroom work 

At every Oracle event, we provide a balanced classroom experience – lectures, exercises, discussions, and ceremonies – to engage your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

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Women's Retreat 


To Prospective Teachers

Our classes are taught by Oracle staff and a variety of guest lecturers, and we invite the participation of speakers in the following areas:

Blue Ken Wilbur
  • Progressive leaders of the five primary religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam);
  • Experts in Integral Spirituality (Spiral Dynamics and Ken Wilber theorists);
  • Holistic, herbal, and alternative healers;
  • Peacebuilders and mediators (Polarity Theory and Sociocracy);
  • Spokespersons for environmental resiliency and alternate economies;
  • Futurists and global visionaries from other metaphysical institutes; and
  • Authors of new books on contemporary social and spiritual topics.

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