Oracle Institute Peace Pentagon Retreat Center

Inspired Space and Certified Green!

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PLACE:The Peace Pentagon rests along the ancient New River – one of the oldest rivers in the world. The building serves three purposes: (i) retreat center; (ii) conference and training center for sacred activism; and (iii) community center for the Valley of Light

PURPOSE:Inspired by futurist and dear friend Barbara Marx Hubbard, Oracle built a “Peace Room as sophisticated as a War Room.” Learn more about the Peace Pentagon in this video.

DESIGN: The Peace Pentagon was built to European Passivhaus® standards, resulting in an extremely low carbon footprint that exceeds the American LEED standard of construction.

SACRED GEOMETRY: The Peace Pentagon also was designed using sacred geometry. We invite you learn more about the building's shape and construction history. Consequently, Virginia has TWO pentagons – but ours is dedicated to the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm.

A Venue for Strategic Planning and Sacred Activism

Peace pentagon - New River View

Peace Pentagon – New River View

War Pentagon

War Pentagon - Potomac River View

To counteract the War Pentagon in northern Virginia, the Peace Pentagon in southern Virginia is a laboratory for organizing and staging peacebuilding campaigns.

It also serves as the U.S. headquarters for the Earth Federation Movement. We believe the United Nations should federate under the Earth Constitution to protect universal human rights and our precious planet.

At our other website - Peace Pentagon HUB - we've built an online platform that scans, maps, and connects emerging projects in critical Sectors of Society.

Peace Pentagon Construction Progress

The exterior of the Peace Pentagon is completed, but the interior is still under construction, as you can see from these pictures and our Construction History page. Please make a tax-deductible donation and help complete this amazing structure dedicated to Peace! We also invite you to volunteer and share your skill-set.

Peace Pentagon Launch 

Peace Pentagon HUB launch with Rev. Patrick McCollum and the Peace Violin

Peace Pentagon Great Hall 

The “Great Hall” which leads to the pentagonal Sanctuary

Installing Crow Window 

Installing the "Crow of Sacred Law" stained-glass window

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