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Oracle Press is the non-profit publishing arm of The Oracle Institute, dedicated to publishing carefully selected works that educate, elucidate, and inspire. Under the Oracle Institute imprint, we produce award-winning books that foster spiritual growth and conscious evolution. The Peace Pentagon imprint is used for manuscripts devoted to sacred activism and progressive social change.

Oracle Press has published eleven books in genres including religion and spirituality, personal growth and social evolution, mysticism, the arts, and children’s fiction. We work with experienced authors with well-developed manuscripts, as well as emerging thought leaders who need help developing their first book.

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Oracle Press prides itself on offering well-researched and historically accurate texts. In both content and design, we hold our books to the highest standards. Our books have won awards in these categories: Religion, Spirituality, Children’s Fiction, and Performing Arts.

Our Latest Titles

The Light

by Rev. Laura M. George, J.D.

Paperback - $19.95


For eons, humanity has crafted false belief systems about God: mythological and anthropomorphic depictions of “The Light.” Today, New Humans demand a sophisticated view of deity -  an integrated belief system founded on a genderful/genderless Godhead. New Humans have reached “Second Tier” on the Spectrum of Consciousness and are in service to humanity. New Humans are encouraged to actively engage at this critical juncture in history and become conscious players in the “God Game.” Help humanity surmount polarization and adopt a Godhead comprised of both Divine Masculine AND Feminine energies.

The “Gandhi vs. Hitler” chapter pierces New Age nonsense by tackling the difficult topic of good vs. evil. The Hermetic Laws of the Universe and Gnostic Kabbalah provide a sound esoteric backdrop for analyzing gender equity, accessing the “God Mind,” and seeking enlightenment. In addition to metaphysics, a chapter on quantum physics explains the evolutionary impulse, holism, and latest science on panpsychism. The Light also explores the current Transhuman era and ends by asking: Will New Humans be more conscious Homo sapiens, or hybrid-humans living in a matrix or metaverse in a Posthuman world?

Earth Constitution Solution

By Glen T. Martin, Ph.D. with a Foreword by Ellen H. Brown, J.D.

Paperback - $19.95 | eBook - $8.99


Unite as one planet or perish. This is the choice humanity faces as we witness unprecedented crises: ecosystem collapse, wildlife extinction, global pandemics, terrorism, endless war, and economic inequality. Creativity can overcome crises, but what will it take to transform our world into one where peace, justice, and sustainability are planetary principles?

With a comprehensive design for our living planet, The Earth Constitution Solution confronts our perilous future head-on. It shows the absurdity of the nation-state system, which gives Brazil the "right" to destroy the Amazon Forest - the lungs of Earth. It exposes the fundamental flaws and corruption of the New World Order and Great Reset proposed by the World Economic Forum - fractured globalization plans that would divide us and exploit our precious planet. And it reveals why the Earth Federation Movement is growing, as people realize that global problems can only be solved as a united planet.

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