A Networking Site for Sacred Activism

The Peace Pentagon is the "HEART” of the Oracle Campus. It serves as a retreat and conference center for guests who attend our visionary and progressive programs, and it serves as the community center for resident and non-resident members of our Valley of Light micro-community.

The Peace Pentagon also is a virtual “HUB” for sacred activism in and around our Nation’s capital. The Peace Pentagon HUB serves as a portal for posting action events and critical news, and it is managed by volunteers who scan, map, and connect what is emerging in each Sector of Society.

A System’s Theory Approach to Building the New World

The Sectors of Society
  1. Learning & Education
  2. Communications & Media
  3. Art & Culture
  4. Economics & Business
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations
  6. Justice & Governance
  7. Health & Wellness
  8. Food, Water & Environment
  9. Infrastructure & Resources
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Spirituality & Religion
Wheel of Co-Creation

The Peace Pentagon HUB was inspired by futurist and friend Barbara Marx Hubbard, who envisions interconnected multimedia HUBs all over the world. Ms. Hubbard thinks on a planetary level, and she believes that our current global crises are acting as evolutionary drivers that will inspire us to co-create a more enlightened future.

Many of us are working hard to build a new world, but we tend to work in “silos,” utilizing a linear approach and focusing on just one Sector that we view as most pressing.

The Peace Pentagon HUB utilizes a non-linear, Systems Theory approach that enables synergistic and exponential growth across all Sectors to:

  • Foster full-spectrum integration
  • Enhance creativity and social innovation
  • Connect thought-leaders in each Sector.

Collaborate, Coordinate, and Co-Create at Camp Eve!

Dr. Glen MArtin on MTV 

Dr. Glen Martin, leader of the Earth Federation Movement, being filmed by MTV at “Camp Eve”

Ms. Hubbard has nicknamed the Oracle Campus "Camp Eve.” Just as Camp David hosts Heads of State to work on old world problems behind closed doors, Camp Eve is a holistic environment where Heads of Sectors can privately strategize on how to build the new world.

Our goal is to create a Peace Room as sophisticated as a War Room, and we welcome thought-leaders in each Sector of Society to meet at the Peace Pentagon for conferences, retreats, and training workshops.

Camp David 

Camp David Accord with President Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, and Anwar el Sadat


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