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Olivia Parr Rud

Olivia Parr Rud

Olivia Parr Rud is an internationally recognized expert speaker and facilitator in Predictive Analytics and Innovative Leadership. She is considered a thought leader in the integration of analytic tools and innovative organizational models and practices that optimally leverages resources to improve profitability. She hosts the weekly VoiceAmerica internet radio show Quantum Business Insights.

Her pioneering research in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence led to the writing of her first book, Data Mining Cookbook, Modeling for Acquisition, Risk and Customer Relationship Management (Wiley 2001). Her passion for finding successful solutions for her clients inspired her research in leadership and corporate culture and the unveiling of the link between advances in technology and the increasing need for human and organizational development. Her findings are detailed in her second book, Business Intelligence Success Factors, Aligning for Success in a Global Economy (Wiley/SAS, 2009).

In addition to public speaking, Olivia offers training and consulting in both predictive analytics and innovative leadership. Her clients include Cisco, Citizen’s Bank, Clorox, HP, IBM, Xerox, Providian Insurance, Wells Fargo, Fleet Bank, Advanta, Nationwide, and SAS.

Olivia has a BA in Mathematics and a MS in Decision and Information Systems, with a concentration in Statistics. She is a certified Holacracy™ Practitioner. Holacracy™ is a set of structures and practices designed to build organizational adaptability and resilience.