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Join Us in Prayer for the Amazon and Its People: Uniting for Protection, Preservation, and Elders' Peace

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where the ancient trees whisper tales of wisdom, and the elders are the keepers of sacred knowledge, a plea for protection resonates. The Amazon, our planet's verdant sanctuary, and the indigenous communities, especially its revered elders, stand at a critical juncture.

We invite you to a Global Prayer Gathering, where the power of collective prayer and positive energy will converge, transcending borders and languages, to safeguard the Amazon and its guardians, especially the revered elders, from anything other than thriving health and vitality.

Why Pray Together?

Preservation of Biodiversity: The Amazon, teeming with life and secrets of ancient healing, is a sanctuary of biodiversity. Through our prayers, we seek strength to protect its unique flora and fauna, preserving the delicate balance of life.

Climate Stability: The Amazon, our planet's lungs, regulates the Earth's climate. As we unite in prayer, we send out a collective intention for climate stability, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

Cultural Heritage: The indigenous communities of the Amazon, guided by their revered elders, possess profound wisdom. Our prayers honor and protect their cultural heritage, creating only positive energies and preserving their teachings for generations.

Elders' Peace: With our collective prayers, we create a positive protective shield around the revered elders. We seek peace and tranquility for those whose wisdom illuminates the path for their communities.

Healing and Unity: Together, we harness the power of prayer to heal any wounds inflicted upon the Amazon. Our collective energy fosters unity among all people, inspiring sustainable actions and policies for the preservation of this vital ecosystem and the well-being of its elders.

How Can You Contribute?

Prayer: Dedicate a moment of your day to send heartfelt prayers for the Amazon and its guardians, especially the revered elders. Your intention matters; it provides a protective energy that surrounds them with love and light.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with friends, family, and communities. The more hearts and minds join us, the stronger our protective energy becomes, shielding the Amazon and its elders.

Support: Contribute to our cause, enabling us to fund conservation initiatives, empower indigenous communities, and support sustainable practices that nurture the Amazon's vitality and safeguard its revered elders. More information will be given during the event. Donate now, and you can choose where your money goes. 

Join us in this global wave of prayer, compassion, and action. Together, we can be the guardians of the Amazon, ensuring that its lush greenery and vibrant cultures thrive, and that its revered elders find peace and protection, for generations to come.

Laura George

Laura George is a Virginia-based attorney, minister, and author. In 2004, she founded The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity, whose mission is to assist humanity in making the difficult shift into the New Millennium. Oracle is a think-tank that studies the nexus between religion, politics, human rights, and conscious evolution. Laura founded Oracle after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, which prompted her to research and write about the intersectionality of religious fundamentalism and political polarization.

Through Laura’s leadership, Oracle has established an award-winning publishing house, a spirituality school, and a global peace practice at the Peace Pentagon — Oracle's headquarters in the Virginia Highlands.

In addition to her work at The Oracle Institute, Laura (as Tau Lama) founded Oracle Temple, an esoteric church, and she co-founded the Valley of Light spiritual community, which shares Oracle’s 22-acre campus. She is a Board member of the Earth Constitution Institute and the Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace. In 2022, she was named an Evolutionary Leader for her groundbreaking work in the field of conscious evolution.

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