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Crying Eyes

What is an "Oracle"?

For nearly 2,000 years, female Oracles were consulted by men of power, whenever they contemplated major decisions related to their empires. Today, many people have the ability to see nascent timelines and call upon the Wisdom of the Ages. On this blog, Oracle hosts an open and visionary discussion about the major events and players affecting the current shift into a new Spiritual ParadigmMy Mantra: Truth, Love and Light

Blog Title Date
Grayson County BOS Public Hearing on “Unborn Sanctuary” Speech
Mahatma Hurley: The Passing of a Great Soul
Love of Independence
Do We Live on a Prison Planet?
WTF is Wrong with White Women?
Ukraine and the Peace Pentagon: Investing in Team Light
Iran and the Law of Gender
The Advantage of e-Books
BOOK LAUNCH - The Light: And the New Human
Roe Reversal and the Peace Pentagon
The Way to a Woman’s Heart is through Her Constitution
The Triple Tragedy of 9/11
End of White Privilege or Rise of Insurgency? What Spiral Dynamics Teaches Us
Amy Coney Barrett: Enemy of Women
How to Build a New World
TWO SMOKING GUNS: Kavanaugh’s Calendar & Yearbook
Trump, the Deep State, and the Cabal: How the Far Left was Conned
God on Trumpism & Bill O’Reilly: OY VEY!
Nazis at THE University! WaHooWhat?
Memorial Day 2017: The Free World vs. Donald Trump
Oracle Open House Highlights
Oracle Attends the Parliament of the World's Religions
Help Build the New World (
Honoring Shadow
Tribute to Oberto “Falco” Airaudi, Founder of Damanhur
Oracle Teams with and Bill McKibben
Laurel’s Egyptian Solstice Journey
Commander in Chief of the War Pentagon meets Commander in Chief of the Peace Pentagon
Babaji, Nuns on a Bus, and Other Delayed Reactions …
The Peace Pentagon and the Shift Network
Women’s Issues: Hilary Rosen vs. Ann Romney Controversy
In Loving Memory of a Glorious Lightworker: Garda Ghista (by Dr. Glen T. Martin)
Jimmy Carter and My Grandmother
The Fourth Amendment and the Trickle-Down Deity Theory
The Peace Pentagon: May It Bring Peace to Grayson County
The Oracle Institute Petition
God In Grayson County, Virginia
How can Religious Freedom be at Risk in a Town called Independence?
Southern Baptists Losing Members
Possibilianism: Filling the Void between Religion and Science
Virginia #1 in Fun-damentalist Fun-draising
The Nexus between Egypt’s Revolution and Va's Passage of the ERA
Religious Freedom and the Peace Pentagon
Female Infanticide and the Trickle Down Deity Theory
The Patriarch and the Pope: One is Green, the Other Needs to Come Clean
Clarification on Compassion from the Quran
Avatar and the Vatican: It’s the Theme of Love that Confuses Them
The Charter for Compassion
Evolutionary Women: Remember Your Place in His-tory!
World Views and Christian Orthodoxy
Celibacy and the Catholic Church: Will the Hypocrisy Ever End?
Familial Love: How Big Is Your Family?