The Significance of Sacred Geometry

Pentacle Window

Peace Pentagon Pentacle Window Created by Sheila Brannon

The Peace Pentagon employs sacred geometry based on the numbers 5 and 11. This is similar to the Washington Monument, which is 555 feet tall (5 x 111) and 55 feet wide at its base (5 x 11).

Our structure contains five pentagons:

  • The exterior footprint is a pentagon with 55 ft. walls (5 x 11)
  • The sanctuary is a pentagon with 25 ft. walls (5 x 5)
  • The main classroom is beneath and mirrors the sanctuary
  • The skylight in the sanctuary is a “pentamid” (5-sided pyramid)
  • The pentacle appears in one of our stained-glass windows.
Masons symbol

The Knights Templar and their contemporary cousins the Freemasons are known for using sacred geometry. The square and compass is their symbol and the “G” stands for God and Geometry.

Fireworks at Washington monument

Washington Monument Photo by Adam Strochak

The Peace Pentagon Project in Pictures

At the end of a rare Venus transit in June 2012, Oracle broke ground on the Peace Pentagon with the 100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony. To learn more about Venus and the Pentacle it creates every eight years, see the History of Our Symbol. Below are progress pictures of the Peace Pentagon construction.

Site Surveys by Don Dudley
Site Work by Gary Ball Construction
Foundation Work by Highland Builders
Underslab Plumbing by G&B Plumbing
Framing by Highland Builders
Timbers by Harmony Timber Works
Window, Walls and Roof by Branson Construction
Exterior Stone work by Steve Dillard, Kelvin Allen, and Crew
  • 100 Shovels Groundbreaking
  • George Santucci of New river Conservancy Speaks as Laura George Looks On
  • Reverend Duval Leads the Benediction
  • Joe Wilson and Friends Lend a Hand
  • Peace Pentagon Site Prior to Groundbreaking
  • Don Dudley and Crew Begin Site survey
  • Gary Ball moves (part of) a mountain
  • Laura Takes her turn on the Roller
  • Peace Pentagon Site at Completion of Final Grading
  • Pouring the Foundation Footers
  • Preparing Basement Wall Forms
  • Basement Walls Completed
  • Basement Framing
  • Basement Framing Completed
  • Main Floor Framing (with a view of Great Hall Timbers)
  • Nearly Ready to Roof!
  • Roofing!
  • Peace Pentagon Rear View: Roofed and Wrapped
  • Peace Pentagon Front View: Roofed and Wrapped
  • Peace Pentagon - Exterior Completed

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