Deep CoCreation for Activating Divine Potential

CCC Divine Potential


We'll start with an 8 minute guided meditation (already produced) to align each person with their unique genius and from that place to feel that infinite potential of connection with others in the Global Cocreators ecosystem and beyond, from that place explore what is possible when we are truly in that harmonic of alignment and cocreation starting from our center. Then look into the places where we have challenges around true cocreation. Remembering our unity and from that place of embodied safety, we can then allow ourselves to be activated into our true evolutionary potential. I'll share some codes from Barbara around synergy and this moment for stepping into the synergistic communion. What is also the social potential arising from this field? Are we ready to go to the next level? To allow ourselves to feel collectively the birthing of a New Species in special communities like this one!


SHERI HERNDON is a pioneering visionary at the nexus of social networks, conscious evolution, positive media, and co-creation. She is an ambassador for the true, the good and the beautiful and is holding the wholeness code and new paradigm storyteller archetypes. Her gift of clairsentience, her yoga and meditation practice, her pure presence and intuitive guidance allow her to see our new “social DNA”, to nurture the cultural innovations and the gestalt of a new paradigm. In essence, she is an embodied mystic serving a thriving regenerative culture. Her yoga and meditation practice have opened up doorways for pure presence and clear intuitive guidance all based in a profound understanding of the unity of life, the principles of living systems and the cosmic architecture. For the last 30 years, she has danced in the field of evolving consciousness toward creating new forms for culture to be fully actualized, pioneering as a social architect at the nexus of conscious evolution, technology & storytelling all serving the regeneration and healing of our planet. She loves working with leaders of the new culture who are ready for the next level of synergy and cocreation and supporting new innovative organizations and projects that supports the foundations of a truly enlightened civilization. She has launched a new podcast called “Awakening Together”, and is cofounding the Institute of Natural Law to remember the original instructions from Mother Earth and the indigenous elders of this planet and to embody them into all sectors of society. Discover more of her curation on Facebook and on Awakening Together website.

Rev. Laura M. George, J.D. is Executive Director of The Oracle Institute, an educational charity located in Independence, VA. Oracle is a think-tank that studies the nexus between religion, politics, human rights, and conscious evolution. It operates a spirituality school, award-winning publishing house, and global peace practice. Oracle is headquartered at the Peace Pentagon, a training and retreat center for pluralistic programs and social justice campaigns. The Peace Pentagon also serves the Valley of Light community and Oracle Temple, an esoteric church. Rev. George is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and she is the author of the Oracle foundational trilogy: The Truth, The Love, and The Light.

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