Welcome to the Valley of Light

An Intentional Community in the Southwest Virginia Highlands

Oracle recently launched the Valley of Light micro-community on its 22 acre Campus in Independence, Virginia – a small rural town in Southwest Virginia's New River Valley. Our community is located in Grayson County, whose motto is: Protector of Nature.

Valley of Light Intentional Community, Aerial View

The Oracle Campus is bound by the New River, which is the oldest river in the Western Hemisphere and possibly the oldest in the World. The New River flows south to north and stretches 320 miles, eventually merging with the Atlantic Ocean.

The Valley of Light is located in a region of the Blue Ridge Mountains nicknamed the “Virginia Highlands,” due to its similarity to the Scottish Highlands and because many Scots-Irish immigrants settled here. Previously, the New River Valley was the hunting grounds of the Cherokee and other Native people, and the Oracle Campus contains an indigenous burial site. To honor and pay tribute to our forebears, we built the “Turtle Island Labyrinth.”

Prepping VOL GardenPrepping the VOL Garden for Spring
Prepping VOL Community GardenErecting a VOL Spring House
Prepping VOLCommunity  GardenBuilding the Turtle Island Labyrinth

The Eleven Sectors of a Resilient Community

The Valley of Light is based on the "Wheel of Co-Creation" inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard. The Valley of Light also subscribes to the eco-spiritual template set by the Federation of Damanhur in Italy, the most successful community on the planet. Our intent is to develop a “Full Spectrum” micro-community with the following 11 Sectors:

Wheel of Co-Creation
  1. Learning & Education: 
Including progressive education and ecological literacy
  2. Communications & Media: Including trans-media and information networking
  3. Art & Culture: Including music, fine arts, and the performing arts
  4. Economics & Business: Including alternate currencies, cooperative businesses, and living wages
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations: Including alternative dispute resolution methodologies
  6. Justice & Governance: Including World Federation and community/regional representation
  7. Health & Wellness: Including traditional and integrative holistic practices
  8. Food, Water & Environment: Including organic agriculture, water preservation, and wildlife protection
  9. Infrastructure & Resources: Including renewable energy, green building, and affordable small houses
  10. Science & Technology: Including safe and clean technologies
  11. Spirituality & Religion: Including multi-faith dialogue, spiritual study, and conscious evolution

Interested in Building Community?

If you are looking for a high energy, purpose-driven community, please check out the VOL New Member Profile page to see if you’re a good fit.

For more information about the Valley of Light contact: