The Oracle Institute

The Valley of Light Community

The Oracle Institute is now actively forming a spiritual micro-community called the "Valley of Light." The Valley of Light is a high energy region within the New River Valley which surrounds the small Appalachian town called Independence, Virginia. Independence is located in Grayson County, Virginia, whose motto is: Protector of Nature. Oracle has acquired 22 acres along the New River,  which is the oldest river in the Western Hemisphere, and the third oldest river in the world. The river stretches 320 miles, starting in North Carolina, passing through Virginia, and culminating in West Virginia, where it meets the Kanawha River and ultimately flows into the Ohio River.

Are You Interested in Building a Sustainable Spiritual Community?

Oracle believes that the world is on the verge of a major paradigm shift, the likes of which we have not witnessed in 2000 years. The worldwide resurgence of religious fundamentalism coupled with emerging New Age theosophies are just two indicators that we are in the midst of intense confusion and a transition – a "Great Cusp" – which always precedes a Spiritual Paradigm shift.

In addition, Oracle is cognizant of the many unprecedented factors contributing to this turbulent period, including: global warming, food and water shortages, pandemic indicators, terrorism, energy limitations, and a lack of visionary focus by political and business leaders. We believe the key to a smooth transition into the 21st Century is the adoption of a new way of living based on an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life (i.e., the Golden Rule). To that end, Oracle is committed to creating a model micro-community based on the principles of Truth, Love, and Light.

The Eleven Sectors of a Sustainable Community

Oracle envisions that the Valley of Light will be a "full-spectrum" micro-community, similar in nature to the Federation of Damanhur in Italy. That means we wish to develop the following 11 resilient sectors within the Valley of Light:

  1. Learning & Education:

    Including progressive education and ecological literacy
  2. Communications & Media:

    Including collaborative media and information networking
  3. Art & Culture:
Including music, fine arts, and the performing arts
  4. Economics & Business:
Including complementary currency, cooperative businesses, social venture capital, and living wage principles
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations:
    Including alternative dispute resolution methodologies
  6. Justice & Governance:
    Including alternative democratic models and community/regional representation
  7. Health & Wellness:
Including traditional medicine and integrative holistic methods
  8. Food, Water & Environment:
Including agriculture and food production, and protection for water, air, soil, forestry, and wildlife
  9. Infrastructure & Resources:
Including renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), green building, and affordable housing
  10. Science & Technology:

    Including breakthrough and clean technologies
  11. Spirituality & Religion:
    Including inter-faith dialogue on religion, spiritual enlightenment, and the evolution of human consciousness

For more information about the Valley of Light project, please contact To learn about visitation options and to schedule a visit to the Valley of Light, click here.