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Saturday, May 18, 2013
Registration & coffee: 9:00 am Class: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm


Classes meet monthly
Next Class: Ascension Alchemy - Part I


Oracle Institute
1992 Battlefield Drive
Independence, VA 24348


Cost per class: $50.00

Please bring food to share at lunch

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The Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek:

A Series of Classes Dedicated to the Promotion of Peace


With Malku Priest Robert Martin, Ph.D.


The Order of Melchizedek is an interfaith spiritual organization offering training and classes leading to ordination into the Order. Particapants also may take the classes for personal growth and to learn about the Order and its sacred Mission of Peace.


There are 10 Classes in the Series
which will cover the following Topics:


History and Tenets of the Order of Melchizedek

The Ministry of Jesus and his link to Melchizedek

Mannah: The Sacrament of the Order

The Anunnaki: Elohim, and the Alien Gods

Myth, Dogma, Lore, and Heresy

Ascension Alchemy

The Nazarene Qabalah

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Dr. Martin’s book:

The Tree of Life Bears Twelve Manner

of Fruit: An Alchemical Story

Dr. Robert Martin holds degrees in Environmental Sciences,Holistic Health Sciences, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. He is a certified Environmental Professional, Alternative Health Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist. He also is a Patriarch of The Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek. Dr. Martin lives in Floyd, Virginia, where he also offers his full series of Melchizedek classes.