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On October 11, 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting President Barack Obama at his final campaign fundraiser). And I had the opportunity to tell him about The Oracle Institute and our new headquarters along the New River in Independence, Virginia – the “Peace Pentagon.”

My excitement at meeting President Obama does not mean, however, that I am pushover for POWER. For instance, I believe he further eroded the Fourth Amendment by adding fangs to President Bush’s Patriot Act. Obama signed the Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which permits indefinite detention of American citizens, thereby obliterating the “Great Writ” – habeas corpus – our 333 year old right to a trial.

Obama also has followed Bush Jr.’s lead in decimating the First Amendment. Case in point: Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was arrested a few days ago when she and her running mate attempted to enter the second presidential debate. Tragically, no one has the right to peaceably assemble anymore in America, even if your name is on the presidential ballot in 37 states.

As it turns out, Obama may be the most polarizing president in history. ABC News reports that George W. Bush suffered an 80% approval gap between Republicans and Democrats. President Obama now suffers from an 82% approval gap. This is ironic to me, particularly when you consider that of the last 10 presidents, President Lyndon Johnson had the lowest approval gap – a mere 23% – and he was the president who passed all the landmark civil rights legislation that nearly made the South secede for the second time! Indeed, one could argue that it was the Johnson presidency that made the Obama presidency possible.

Speaking of Lyndon Johnson, let us remember him for the visionary “socialist” that he was: He was responsible for the “War on Poverty” and promoting the “Great Society.” His achievements include legislation that created civil rights, voting rights, public broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, and federal funding for education. Of course, like Obama, Johnson inherited and perpetuated an unnecessary and immoral war in Vietnam.

Yet, I must admit to being positively impressed with Barack Obama. He was dealt a harsh hand: He assumed the presidency during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and he became Commander in Chief of two unnecessary and immoral wars, one of which he ended. So I think he is playing his cards as best he can.

Frankly, who would be brave (or crazy) enough to be Commander in Chief of the War Pentagon at this critical juncture of human history? For that matter, who would be brave (or crazy) enough to build a Peace Pentagon in this polarized country? As I told President Obama, “We’re both from the class of 1961.” He understood my joke, which is that he and I both incarnated in 1961 with sacred missions …

My prayer is that one day the War Pentagon will evolve into a Peace Pentagon. Admittedly, that would be quite a pole shift! But I believe it is possible. Therefore, to counterbalance the pole of war anchored along the Potomac River in northern Virginia, Oracle is anchoring a pole of peace along the New River in southern Virginia. Oracle needs your donations to complete the Peace Pentagon. Which polarity will you support?


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Hi Laure, I would like to send you a donation by check. I need an address. I am big on "Peace" and short on
computer tech-savie status. I am hoping to see and visit the structure when it is complete. I am from the
class of '34 and living through WW11. I am super big on "no more War".
Have you read the website of "era of peace" out of Tucson Arizona ? You and Patti are on the same page each
using your own method. She has well over 450.000 on her website; worldwide. I have traveled with her for over
20 years. You and I met at the Casey week-end retreat in Sheperdstown, W.Vir. We The People are making giant

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I love it when people come together and share thoughts. Great website,
stick with it!

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amen laura, the power of the collective mind of humanity need only be awakened to the possibilities life can offer in order to shift from hate, which is just misplaced fear, to love, which is properly placed hope. this country is founded on this idea and i believe that without struggle to grow it with the intent to grow it, the correct change, towards love universal, will diminish. if we want this, the shift towards true love, we must fight for it! i see you doing this, and it inspires me/encourages me!

keep on fightin'!

your friend in "arms"
gary r. welsh

Pentagons are nice but what about a Star Tetrahedron!


As a Dowser and Remote Viewer and now as an archaeologist I have been digging up truth for thirty years.

I know there is an afterlife, and it is a pity Spiritualists and Spiritists ruined most promising attempts to reach the 4th paradigm. Human beings are on this planet to evolve while helping all other life forms to evolve as well. Religion started out as instructions on how to leave the below speed of light universe at death and this involved passing through a void place filled with our dreams both good and bad. The Egyptians called this place the duat and the Tibetans called it the bardo. Once you cross this fog of dreams you are above the speed of light in the Astral Universe! Now you work to move beyond the speed of though and move into the quantum singularity where God is one and your spirit lives in the home of your over soul. This world of ideas is Christian Heaven and the Astral Universe is Christian paradise and purgatory.

I feel sacred geometry is the key to the 4th paradigm. The phi spiral and star tetrahedron dynamics are showing Gods finger print through out creation. Even the flat spinning field of dark mater that comes out of the event horizon of the black hole at the center of our galaxy is a star tetrahedron/ Mer Ka Bah Field. I do not think the Star of David is a flat form I feel it's a representation of a star tetrahedron.

Have you heard of Mauro Biglino? He was previously a Vatican translator of the Bible
and a Catholic of course. During his time translating the first chapters he discovered
how much we've been lied to or hoodwinked. As a result he resigned but he is still
translating and has gone public with talks and books. Most are in Italian but there is a sequence of 6 films on You Tube and I have now got hold of an English version of his book, 'The Book that will Change our Ideas about the Bible forever!' It's making extremely good reading. Basically translated properly, it concurs with the so called Sumerian 'myths'.

Below is some of what I pieced together over the years it might someday be considered part of a 4th paradigm.

"Par Coi So Suno Qum" God is one in body mind and spirit!
There is no one God but together all of creation is one partly sleeping, partly awake and partly dreaming God!

In the Quantum Singularity where souls live above the speed of thought Amilius the first of souls stands before Metatron the Angel of the Mer Ka Bah of the Multiverse and the great all mother Isis who created him. Metatron has been confused with God but to us who live below the speed of light he surely seems like a God! Metatron is awake and contact with him brings a feeling of unity.
Early Christians referred to telepathic contact with him as the (Holy Spirit) Aliens call him the Source Field! Amilius created Lilith, his body out of the ethers and started the order of Melchizedek on earth or as the ancient Egyptians called them (Jedi).

Akhenaten taught that God is one and used our female solar life form as a symbol for the (God is one giver of life). Those priests of the temple of Sirius who had made a good living getting the people to worship ET's were kicked out of the country! They went to Mali and became the Dogons. Amilius AKA Akhenaten (Joseph to the Jews) began to teach the truth that is taught through out the multiverse, to the spirits who followed Lucifer below the speed of light on a planet called earth, in an attempt to rescue them.

I wish you all peace of the Flower of Life!
Forgive my English it is not my native tongue.
Patrick Aesteii
Team Psychic Six