The Trickle-Down Deity Theory

As a spiritual think-tank, Oracle studies the great prophets, the history of religion, and the evolution of humanity’s belief systems. We specifically reject both “End Times” and “New Age” prophecies. Instead, we assert the "Trickle-Down Deity Theory,” which posits that humanity’s view of the Godhead is necessarily defined by cultural experience and subject to shifts within the individual and collective consciousness.

One of Oracle’s primary goals is to educate the public about the divisive nature and outdated doctrine of orthodox religion so that we may collectively and peacefully progress into a more spiritually sophisticated 21st Century. This table summarizes the Spiritual Paradigms experienced by humanity to date:

Spiritual Paradigm Characteristics Time Period
First All is One circa 14 billion BCE (pre-Big Bang)
Second Era of the Great Mother circa 25,000 BCE - 5,000 BCE
Third Era of the Gods and Godesses circa 5,000 BCE - 50 CE
Fourth Era of God the Father circa 50 CE - Present
Fifth Epoch of Enlightenment Very soon, we hope!

When Civilizations Collapse and Paradigms Shift

By examining the various stages of humanity's philosophical, scientific, and moral development, it becomes evident that religion has been used to both help shape and decimate societies. In fact, religious clashes are often the key element in cultural collapse. No wonder then that politicians and religious leaders have been parasitically entwined throughout history. Oracle’s premier book, The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions, makes this case well and includes a chronological Appendix that illustrates the nexus between politics and religion.

Today, we once again are experiencing global tension due to religious conflict, particularly among the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In addition, more and more people are adopting New Age theosophies, pluralistic approaches to God that incorporate indigenous traditions and the esoteric paths of the five primary religions. This turbulence is exacerbated by global economic competition and a sophisticated communications network (i.e., the internet). The result is an unprecedented clash of cultures and belief systems.

First Spiritual Paradigm: All is One

All is One

Prior to the Big Bang, which scientists estimate took place approximately fourteen billion years ago, there was a period of wholeness and oneness. Everything – both ethereal and material – resided together in Unity. This was the First Spiritual Paradigm, when God was all that existed, and humans were either part of God or an unmanifested thought form within the Divine Consciousness.

Thereafter, the Big Bang occurred, and with it separation. In a manner yet to be fully understood, God splintered and expanded with thunderous thermodynamic force. It was the beginning of life, but also disunity. In The Holy Bible, this cosmic event is described as the expulsion of mankind from the Garden of Eden. Our separation from God was so painful that early man struggled to adopt meaningful belief systems to explain it. This perfect/mythological paradigm still beckons and inspires us. It is our sacred task and solemn duty to seek reunion – with God and with each other. Only then, will we be whole again.

Second Spiritual Paradigm: Female Monotheism

Early Goddess

Eons of time passed after the Big Bang before the emergence of homo sapiens in approximately 50,000 BCE. Eventually, early humans gained the intellectual power and self-awareness to construct stories about our Creator and the beginning of life on Earth. As evidenced by statuary and cave drawings, the earliest mythology centered on a Great Mother who was gave birth to the Universe, since Divine feminine energy was viewed as the life-giving force and the genesis of all creation.

Thus, early humans believed in a female God, a deity who usually was depicted with a pregnant belly. This is not surprising, given that early man did not yet know the biology of pro-creation. Rather, early humans assumed that the Supreme Being must be feminine in nature, since women appeared to be the sole creators of life. Scholars estimate that Goddess worship lasted, at a minimum, for 20,000 years, which makes it the longest Spiritual Paradigm to date.

Third Spiritual Paradigm: Polytheism

Hindu Gods andGoddesses

The formation of the four great river valley civilizations, the Age of Agriculture, the separation of survival skills into masculine and feminine roles, and the realization that both men and women contribute to pro-creation, all led to the next phase of our spiritual development. As a result of these revolutionary changes, societies adopted polytheistic belief systems, where Gods and Goddesses reigned on Mount Olympus and in sundry astral Heavens,

This was the era of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Hindu pantheons of deities. Today, the only surviving polytheistic religion is Hinduism. [link: comp religion chart] Polytheism lasted for about 5,000 years, until the start of Christianity and the Christian calendar. Indeed, most of the world uses a calendar that marks the end of the Third Spiritual Paradigm and the beginning of the Fourth, so powerful is the shifting of the Godhead.

Fourth Spiritual Paradigm: Male Monotheism

Male Monotheism

While the adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire in 325 CE marks our full entry into the Fourth Spiritual Paradigm, the seeds of this paradigm started around 2,500 BCE, when a man named Abraham started a new monotheistic tradition based on a masculine concept of deity which eventually became known as Judaism. Yet, it is more appropriate to view this paradigm as starting with the teachings of Jesus, who characteristically referred to the Divine as "Father."

Thus, mankind returned to monotheism...but this time to a male God. This stage of our spiritual evolution has lasted roughly 2,000 years and is showing signs of dire stress. One need only consider the inability of the three Abrahamic religions to unify, even though they supposedly worship the same God and purport to follow the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Fifth Spiritual Paradigm: Epoch of Enlightenment


Oracle asserts that humanity is undergoing the type of spiritual chaos that always accompanies a paradigm shift. The world-wide resurgence of fundamentalism is one indicator, driven by those who fear the upcoming changes, who cling to outdated belief systems, and who fracture along religious, nationalistic, or racial lines. The New Age movement is another indicator of looming changes, represented by those who awkwardly (and often arrogantly) spread the seeds of new belief systems across the planet.

So what will the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm look like? No one knows for sure, but Oracle hopes it will be an era of heightened awareness due to the return of the Sacred Feminine. We pray that humanity is ready to co-create a New World, one that includes a proper balancing and blending of both masculine (creation) and feminine (wisdom) energies.

The Religion of Love

A spiritual revolution of unprecedented proportions is on the horizon. Oracle foresees that humanity soon will be capable of utilizing the gift of free will in a responsible and positive manner. However, a global unifying theosophy has yet to emerge, for the reasons explained in the second installment of the Oracle foundational trilogy – The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm. So in the meantime, may each of us practice the “Religion of Love.”

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