The Peace Pentagon: Certified GREEN!

Peace Pentagon Front ViewPeace Pentagon- Front View

The Peace Pentagon is an eco-spiritual retreat and community center located along the New River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. Against this pristine backdrop, the Peace Pentagon offers state-of-the-art conference facilities: classrooms, meeting space, dining hall, coffee shop, gift shop, library, and sanctuary. The Peace Pentagon was designed to rigorous European Passivhaus® standards with geothermal and solar elements, resulting in an extremely low carbon footprint structure.

Peace Pentagon Rear ViewPeace Pentagon- Rear View

Future Peace Center and HUB on the Wheel of Co-Creation

When completed, the Peace Pentagon will house Oracle’s Peace Library – a large collection of spiritual, philosophical, scientific, and literary texts, movies, and training materials. The Peace Library will be open to the public.

The Peace Pentagon also will host Oracle’s Peace Center – a laboratory for organizing and implementing national and international peacebuilding campaigns.

The Peace Center supports the Earth Federation Movement. Additionally, the Peace Center provides training in Polarity Theory and Sociocracy

Wheel of Co-Creation
Wheel of Co-Creation

The Peace Pentagon HUB is a bi-coastal project of Oracle (on the East Coast) and Barbara Marx Hubbard (on the West Coast). The Peace Pentagon HUB will scan, map, and connect emergent projects and people in each of the Wheel’s eleven Sectors. The goal is to manifest a multi-media portal for building the New World.

Ms. Hubbard has nicknamed the Oracle Campus “Camp Eve.” Just as Camp David hosts Heads of State to work on old world problems behind closed doors, Camp Eve will be a holistic environment where Heads of Sectors can privately strategize on how to build the New World.

The Significance of Sacred Geometry

PentamidPentamid design by
Sidney Twining

The Peace Pentagon employs sacred geometry and numerology based on Oracle’s numbers: 5 and 11. The structure contains five pentagons:

  1. The exterior footprint is a pentagon with 55 ft. walls (5 x 11)
  2. The sanctuary is a pentagon with 25 ft. walls (5 x 5)
  3. The main classroom mirrors the sanctuary
  4. The skylight in the sanctuary is a “pentamid”
  5. The pentacle appears in one of our stained-glass windows.
Mason Logo

The Knights Templar and their contemporary cousins the Freemasons are known for using sacred geometry, with the square and compass as their symbol. The “G” stands for God.

Oracle’s Mission Statement reflects the spiritual values of the Virginia Founding Fathers, including our first president. The Washington Monument is 555 ft. tall (5 x 111) and its width at the base is 55 ft. (5 x 11)

PentamidPhoto by
Adam Strochak

Peace Pentagon Construction Progress

At the end of a rare Venus transit in June 2012, Oracle broke ground on the Peace Pentagon with the 100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony.
To learn more about Venus and the Pentacle it creates every eight years, see the History of the Pentacle.

Below are progress pictures of construction progress.
Please make a tax-deductible donation to help us complete this amazing structure dedicated to PEACE.

100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • 100 Shovels!
  • George Santucci Talks as Laura George Looks On
  • Reverend Duval and Laura George
  • Jow Wilson, Goerge Santucci and Friends
  • And the Band Played On!
  • Group Shot
  • Laura and Her Favorite Shovel
  • Pat George and Charlotte Hanes Yuk it Up
Site Surveys by Don Dudley
Site Work by Gary Ball Construction
  • Peace Pentagon Site Before Work Began
  • Peace Pentagon Road Before Work Began
  • Don Dudley and Associate Confers with Steven Greif
  • Shadow Leads the Way For Don dudley and Team
  • The Tree Cutters Take a Break
  • Gary Ball Transforming the Site Grade
  • Lets Move (part of) a Mountain!
  • Laura Takes Her Turn on the Roller
  • Final Grade - Peace Pentagon Site
Foundation Work by Highland Builders
Underslab Plumbing by G&B Plumbing
  • Foundation Prep Work Complete
  • Pouring the Footers
  • Pouring the Footers With a Little Special Magic
  • Concrete Wall for the Basement
  • Foundation Overview
  • Swami Beyonandonda Comes to Visit
  • More Concrete Slab Walls
Framing by Highland Builders
  • Basement Framing - Classroom and Dining Hall
  • Basement Completed
  • Main Floor Framing
  • Sean Conroy Inspects the Basement
  • Main Floor Framing - Continued
  • Almost Ready to Roof
  • The Roof Goes On
Timbers by Harmony Timber Works

Pentagon Timbers

Window, Walls and Roof
by Branson Construction
  • Roofing!
  • Roofing!  (continued...)
  • Building the Portico
  • Installing the Chapel Windows
  • Cliff Kayser Comes to Check Out the chapel
  • Roofed and Wrapped - Front View
  • Roofed and Wrapped - Rear View
Exterior Stone work by
Steve Dillard, Kelvin Allen, and Crew
  • Complete!
  • The Crew Showing Some Muscle
  • Front Stone in Process
  • Cross Rocking!
  • Lauren, Erin and Cameron Approve
  • Laura, Venusand Rear ExteriorStone

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