Damanhur Past Life Workshop

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Damanhur Past Life Workshop

Recollection of past lives will come to the surface during this highly creative and fascinatingly interactive workshop. Using a series of inner dynamic exercises and activities, Damanhur will guide and reveal clues to assist you in recalling specific past lives. By the end of the workshop, you will receive information about two of your past lives.

Damanhur Ambassador Shama Viola facilitates this class, which is enhanced by the Oracles at Damanhur, who will study and meditate on your biographical data and photos. Shama uses guided imagery, movement, drawing, music, and meditation to help reawaken your prior life memories.


Space is Limited:

Because of research done by Damanhur Oracles in Italy and Shama’s individual attention, this class is limited to 15 people.

Biographical Data Required in Advance:

  1. Your full given name at birth and the name you go by now.
  2. Your date and place of birth (city, state, and country).
  3. Two photographs: One recent photo and one from the past. The photos should clearly show your face and eyes.
  4. Email bio-data and digital photos to Katie by April 1

Damanhur Temple

Shama Viola
About Our Presenter(s)

Shama Viola (Manuela Terraluna) has dedicated her life to consciously living and teaching spiritual growth, art, and esoteric traditions. shama has helped develop Damanhur’s esoteric traditions and practical approach to sacredness, rituals, and conscious living. Shama is part of Damanhur’s worldwide outreach team and travels throughout Italy, Europe and the USA to spread Damanhur’s message of spiritual freedom, as well as sharing information about the Damanhurian dream for Humanity’s evolution.

Event Schedule Detail

Both day's schedules run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A $100 deposit towards the cost of the class is due by April 1.  The balance is due before the class starts.

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