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Wisdom: The Path to Transformation

Oracle Institute Press, LLC is the non-profit publishing arm of The Oracle Institute. The mission of Oracle Press is to foster the spiritual growth of our readers. We accomplish this goal by publishing carefully selected works that both educate and inspire our readers.

Oracle Orthodox

Explore the true histories, similarities, and differences among the world's great religions, the many different ways in which they are practiced today, and their far-reaching effects on the human condition.

Excellence in Comparitive Religious Studies

Oracle Esoteric

Investigate alternative approaches to spirituality, theosophy, and mysticism with the Oracle Esoteric series of books and products.

New Age
Previously Veiled Mysteries

Oracle For Children

Our children are our future. At Oracle we offer children pure and positive messages based on universal moral principles, such as compassion, honor, responsibility, hope, courage, and love.

New Age
Universal Messages for Young Readers

Oracle Press prides itself on offering the public well-researched and historically accurate texts. The Press has won two book awards in the Religion category from the Independent Publisher's Association. We wish our readers to know the true history of organized religion so that they may fully understand the divisive nature and outdated doctrine contained in most religious teachings.

At Oracle Press, we encourage our readers to seek the deeper meaning behind orthodox teachings, since the five primary religions - Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam - all contain esoteric paths which were secretly taught to the initiates and adepts of old ... and which now are available to us all!

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