Ready to Build the New World?

Currently, humanity is facing unprecedented challenges: global warming, the “Sixth Great Extinction,” food and water shortages, pandemic indicators, terrorism, the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street greed, the “Singularity Point,” and a lack of visionary focus by corporate and political leaders. Additionally, we are witnessing a clash of civilizations and memes, including a battle between the ancient religions and emerging New Age theosophies. Altogether, this chaos indicates that a major Spiritual Paradigm Shift is imminent.

Calling All Tribe Members!

Oracle believes the key to humanity’s future is community-based living, founded upon the principles of sustainability, interconnectedness, compassion, personal freedom, and an elevated state of spiritual awareness.

To that end, the Valley of Light is recruiting Second Tier individuals who are courageous, balanced, and financially sound. Second Tier individuals know what’s happening in the world, comprehend the gravity of the global situation, and want to help chart a new course for humanity.

At present, VOL has the capacity to house a dozen members. We also have building pads available for tiny homes and new construction. The Peace Pentagon (1/3 completed), will serve as the Valley of Light community center and Oracle’s headquarters for organizing national and international peacebuilding campaigns.

In sum, we are looking for hardy, purpose-driven souls who want to build and participate in an educational community dedicated to modeling and building the New World.

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