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When: Location: Register: Cost:
Sunday May 3, 2009 Leesburg Masonic Lodge Recommended
1:00 – 5:00 p.m. 108 N. Cornwall Street or call (540)882-9252 Donation of $10
  Leesburg, VA, 20175   (Light snack included)
  (park in District Court lot or corner of North & Slack St)

Participants of our classes and readers of our book, The Truth, are individuals who embrace equality, who are inspired by love, and who desire Spiritual Unity.

Seminar Description:

This class will present the latest research on the Mayan Calendar and the myths surrounding the previously predicted End Date of December 21, 2012. Specifically, Glenn will discuss the true nature of the Mayan Calendar as revealed in Carl Johan Calleman’s groundbreaking book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. We will also view Ian Lungold’s 2002 video Welcome to the Evolution, which is a live presentation explaining Calleman’s work.

Participants will learn how the Mayan Calendar outlines the Divine Plan from the Big Bang until October 28, 2011. Students will hear an exquisite explanation of how creation is unfolding, what the Mayan End Date really means, and how this event will affect consciousness. Students also will learn why time seems to be speeding up and valuable strategies to cope with the most anticipated decade in human history.

In addition, each participant will be given their individual Mayan Sun sign, which will explain their life’s purpose and how that fits into the unfolding of creation. There also will be a discussion period during which Glenn will answer questions about the Mayan calendar. Glenn has been on a spiritual path since 1967 and has studied the Mayan Calendar’s “Blueprint of Creation” since 2003.

The Truth

The Truth (2006) presents a history of the 5 primary religions and their prophets, and challenges readers to decide whether these now ancient belief systems are more focused on promoting Spiritual Unity or perpetuating religious separation.

The Love (due 2008) contains essays, short stories, and poetry on various topics of love, to remind us of what we are to learn while our souls appear locked on the Earth Plane.

The Light (due 2011) explores the exalted yet accessible nature of the Supreme Being in a manner that is consistent with a sophisticated 21st Century human mind and experience.