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Date:       Thursday, June 7, 2007                     RSVP:     Laura:

                                                                                Or Call:   (540)882-9252                        

Time:      7:00 to 9:00 p.m.                                

                                                                             Suggested Donation:   $20 (snacks included)     

Place:       Amethyst Acres                               

                                                                             Class Size:    Limited to 30 students                          


Class Description:

         We are on the cusp of a worldwide revolution and this form of upheaval knows no bounds where the heart is concerned.  Its roots are imbedded deep within our conscious awareness.  Therefore, we need to understand that such vast societal changes cannot come about without first uprooting our collective complacency, hard-heartedness, judgment against the self, greed, hatred, and malice.        The list is endless, but we must be ready for these changes otherwise we would not have been born at this time.  Thus, each of us possesses the power to reject the old ways of the mind.   And as we do, we will be vindicated for the wrong-doings of others because we will release these same qualities within ourselves and from our conscious awareness.

          During this class, we will journey to the world of 2024-2037, and you will experience where you will be at that time, meet your future self, and bring back a message – a knowing from your future self to heal and accelerate your learning in your present moment reality creation.  You will be surprised and delighted by what you will discover!  We also will become more aware of this vital truth: We are all One.  We are one human race, one energetic light, and one global consciousness.  When we understand the power of One to affect the whole, we can plant seeds of joy in all hearts everywhere.  And so it shall be. 

          Carol Fitzpatrick is a channel, who sees energy patterns within the Ley Lines of the grid. These lines represent global patterns of thought wave frequencies born from creation cycles.  Every person belongs to and is influenced by a myriad of these group creations.  Not all of the creation cycles are for our individual or collective highest good.  Carol can help you learn to successfully change, transform, or transcend group creations and become the change you so desire for the world

Carol is the author of: Fear Not My Child

 Her upcoming book is entitled: The Future History of Humanity:

   How to change, transform and transcend your probable future

 You can visit her website at: