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This page provides news updates and background information for media representatives and all other interested parties. Please contact to schedule an interview or to receive additional information and materials about The Oracle Institute.

Oracle Initiative White Papers

These papers provide background information and responses to questions we are commonly asked by the media as well as people who are curious about joining our mission. You can download these one-page PDFs about Oracle by clicking on the links below:

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21 FEB 2014
The Oracle Institute Press
Composer Yuval Ron Sign Book Deal

Other News

11 OCT 2012 -- Laura George Meets President Obama

13 DEC 2011 - Galax Gazette -- Grayson Approves Oracle Institute Special Use Permit

19 JUL 2011 - Richmond Times Dispatch -- The Religious Fanatics are Already Here

8 JUL 2011 - Radio Islam -- Laura George Interviewed About Peace Pentagon Lawsuit

8 JUL 2011 - Radio Islam -- Rutherford Institute Founder John Whitehead Interviewed About Peace Pentagon Lawsuit

7 JUL 2011 - Washington Post -- Proposed Interfaith Retreat Center in Virginia Tests Founder, Community

14 DEC 2011 - The Rutherford Institute -- VICTORY: Grayson County Board of Supervisors Green-Lights Development of Spiritual Retreat Center in Response to Rutherford Institute Lawsuit

27 APR 2011 - The Rutherford Institute -- Circuit Court Green-Lights Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Against Planning Board

21 JUL 2010 - The Rutherford Institute -- Rutherford Institute Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Against Planning Board for Denying Permit for Spiritual Retreat Center

12 OCT 2010 - Galax Gazette -- Oracle Institute Programs to Explore Eco-Spirituality