The Oracle Institute


The Oracle Institute

“Promoting Religious Freedom & Spiritual Unity”

Proudly Presents Gretchen Gates on:

Food & the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


When: Location: Register: Cost:
Febuary 8, 2009 Leesburg Masonic Lodge Recommended
3:00 – 5:00 p.m. 108 N. Cornwall Street or call (540)882-9252 Donation of $10
  Leesburg, VA, 20175   (Light snack included)
  (park in District Court lot or corner of North & Slack St)

Participants of our classes and readers of our book, The Truth, are individuals who embrace equality, who are inspired by love, and who desire Spiritual Unity.

Seminar Description:

This class will help you create an enjoyable relationship with food by focusing on nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Most people understand that food intake is a key component to a healthy life, but traditional diets are not holistic, since they don’t take into account the mind, body, spirit connection. Learn how conscious eating is a key ally in healing your life by boosting your immune system and increasing your energy level. The right balance of daily nutrients daily will help you overcome illness, infection, and disease, and help strengthen your life force.

Students will learn:

·To control sugar cravings and carbohydrate addiction (the most common problem)

·How to integrate “super foods” into your diet

·How to eat and stay healthy on the road and at work

·About the power of organic/natural foods and herbal remedies

·Each student will be given a packet with information on super foods and recipes

The Truth

The Truth (2006) presents a history of the 5 primary religions and their prophets, and challenges readers to decide whether these now ancient belief systems are more focused on promoting Spiritual Unity or perpetuating religious separation.

The Love (due 2008) contains essays, short stories, and poetry on various topics of love, to remind us of what we are to learn while our souls appear locked on the Earth Plane.

The Light (due 2011) explores the exalted yet accessible nature of the Supreme Being in a manner that is consistent with a sophisticated 21st Century human mind and experience.