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Davera Gabriel

Davera Gabriel, R.N.

Davera Gabriel is a critical care nurse who switched careers thirty years ago to work in clinical informatics. As a result of this transition, Davera has worked for commercial software developers and in leading academic and research institutions to realize the many benefits information technology brings, including improved clinical research and human health.

Currently, Davera is a Senior Research Terminologist for the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, where she helps bridge the domain knowledge gaps between computer scientists, data scientists, health providers, practitioners, clinical and basic science investigators. Previously, she worked for commercial software vendors, the University of California Davis and the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

In her avocational life, Davera has an avid interest in wellness and integrative medicine. In the 1980s, she attained her 3rd degree Reiki, and 4th degree Seichim mastery from Phoenix Summerfield, and she supported Phoenix’s initial appearance at the Whole Earth Festival and the opening of her first center in Los Angeles, CA. In the 1990s, Davera joined the Board of Directors for Earth Rising, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide a 168-acre recreational retreat center in a natural setting for the purpose of cultural and spiritual education. With Earth Rising, Davera developed and led a series of Wellness Weekend retreats which brought together alternative healers, herbalists, bodyworkers, and naturopaths for workshops and fellowship. Additionally, Davera acted as a board liaison to the women’s community during the birth of the Gaea Goddess Gathering, an on-going festival for more than 20 years.

At the start of the new millennium, Davera returned to California and spent many weekends in period costume at historic re-creation gatherings with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Additionally, she worked at many period festivals including the Northern California Renaissance and Pirate Festivals, Carnivale Fantastico, and the Great Dickens Christmas Faire. She has enthusiastically engaged in event planning and execution as both a career and personal pursuit.

Davera joined the Oracle Institute Board in order to support its vision to create a new world through education and a culture of peace. She also is a member of the Valley of Light community at Oracle Campus and is excited to join a focused group of like-minded people. Davera plans to apply her experience in technology integration and event execution to assist Oracle in realizing its charitable goals. She can be reached at: Davera@TheOracleInstitute.org.