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Damanhur was founded in 1975 by a group of visionaries who had a dream of economically and spiritually revitalizing what was once a small depressed town. Today, Damanhur helps to run green cooperative businesses that employ local townspeople who have embraced a new paradigm of peace, joy, and compassion.

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Crotalo Sesamo

Crotalo Sesamo was born in Turin, Italy. When he was 17, his interest in natural medicine and the development of paranormal faculties inspired him to move to Damanhur, where he’s lived for 16 years, specializing in spiritual healing and the development of human potential. He now directs the Olami Damanhur University, where he teaches courses in Inner Harmonizing, Widening of Perception, Contact with the Plant World, Past Lives, Astral Travel, and Conscious Out-of-Body Experiences. He has represented Damanhur at spiritual centres in the US, UK, Portugal, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Iceland.

Shama Viola

Shama Viola, lead ambassador of Damanhur's worldwide outreach team is a vital and integral part of the welcoming office at Damanhur. She shares information about living the Damanhurian dream, which for her is an everyday reality. With sincerity and ease, she imparts her personal experience as well as the nearly 30 years of social, artistic, and spiritual research developed at Damanhur. Shama is cretaor of the Bral Talej divination system that uses a deck of 111 cards based on signs from the Damanhurian sacred language, an ideogramtic language belonging to the esoteric tradition. Through their use, intuitive skills are developed, receptivity to divine guidance is increased, and one's personal process is supported.

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Duck Roost Inn

Grayson Inn

River Ridge Outdoors

Damanhur is a community of 1,000 people located in the foothills of the Italian Alps. At 90% self-sustainability, Damanhur has more than 80 businesses that foster agricultural and economic independence. Damanhur has been voted the most evolved community on the planet and has received world-wide recognition for its innovative approach to life. A member of the Global Eco-Villages Network since 1998, Damanhur received the United Nations sustainability award in 2005.

At a Glance:
Friday Oct 15th - Monday Oct 18th 

  Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Evening Inner Harmonizing Building Community    
Day   Atlantis and Ancient Civilizations
Part -1
Atlantis and Ancient Civilizations
Part - 2
Private Sessions
Readings and Healings

Inner Harmonizing

One of Damanhur's meditation techniques, this method of relaxation includes simple movements of the body, singing, use of colored lights, and linking with the frequency of all living organisms. Also useful as an anti-stress technique, Inner Harmonizing is suitable for all ages.

Date: Friday, October 15
Venue: Old Grayson Bank Bldg. 1234 East Main Street
Independence, VA 24348
Time: 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Cost: $40.00

Spirituality & Politics: How to Build Community

Damanhur supports other communities that seek self-sufficiency. Share an evening with ambassadors Shama and Crotalo to learn how a small rural town in Italy became a thriving haven. 

Date: Saturday, Oct 16
Venue: Historic 1908 Courthouse, 107 East Main Street
Independence, VA 24348
Time: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Cost: $10.00 in advance - $20.00 at door

Atlantis and Ancient Civilizations
(A 2 Day Class) 

Wish you could take a Damanhur class offered in Italy? Now you can! This 2 day class reveals an alternative explanation for human history. Through the fascinating story of Atlantis described in Dovilio Brero's paintings, we will enter its cities, visit its monuments, and its temples. In addition, this class will explore other ancient cultures and attempt to make sense of all the pieces of humanity's evolutionary puzzle.

Part 1 Date: Saturday, Oct 16 Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Part 2 Date: Sunday, Oct 17 Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: Old Grayson Bank Bldg. 1234 East Main Street 
Independence, VA 24348

Cost: $155 in advance  - $200 at door (Lunch Include)

Private Sessions

Card Readings with Shama
Healing Sessions with Crotalo

Date: Monday, October 18
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: $50 for ½ hour; $100 for 1 hour

Contact: Laura to schedule an appointment