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An Eco-Community Workshop

Damanhur was founded in 1975 by a group of 20 visionaries who had a dream of economically and spiritually revitalizing what was once a small depressed town. Today, Damanhur runs over 80 green businesses that employ local townspeople who have embraced a new paradigm of peace and conscious cooperation.

Do you know the basic elements that are required to build a 21st Century community?

  • Hint: Are you ready to reject consumerism and redefine capitalism?
  • Hint: Are the Virginia and North Carolina farms in the New River valley region organically rich enough to sustain the local population?
  • Hint: Are you far enough along on your spiritual path to share what you have in order to improve the quality of life for your kinsmen, neighbors, and elders?

This presentation will be a more intimate gathering for those who believe:
Truth sets us free, Love makes us whole, and Light leads us toward one shared destiny.

Date Location Cost Two ways to Register
Thursday Grayson Conference Center $55.00 Mail Check to: Online Credit Card:
May, 1 2008 558 East Main Street Lunch Incl. The Oracle Institute
9am – 2pm Independence, VA 24348   P.O. Box 368  
  (next to Food City)   Hamilton, VA 20159 or call (540)882-9252

Damanhur wisely sets and attains utopian goals through a strong work ethic, respect for the environment, balanced development, agricultural sustainability, responsible technology, artistry, spirituality, and social & political commitment. It is a philosophy based upon action, optimism, and the ideal that each of us has value and something to share, thereby contributing to the evolution of humanity.

If you’ve received this invitation, please join us and learn more about these topics:

  • How to identify sustainable territories and legally structure indivisible property.
  • Economic self-sufficiency and how to manage shared resources and expenses.
  • The importance of social organization and proper use of leadership and power.
  • Ethical banking policies and a micro-currency that support solidarity & sharing.
  • The philosophy behind the network of sustainable eco-villages around the world and how to participate in this growing association of spiritual communities.
Damanhur - people
This program will include a 30 minute video presentation on Damanhur, followed by a question and answer period. We invite you to share a special evening that is sure to entertain, inform, and inspire you!"
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