The Oracle Institute

Community Principles For the Valley of Light Project

Human Evolution

In the beginning, God created a complex matrix of life that is continuously evolving. Even though this matrix may appear at times to digress due to the inherent life-death-life cycle of the Universe, evolution spirals on toward a state of existence that we intuitively feel will be grand, glorious, and Godward.

Like all life forms, humans are on an evolutionary trajectory. Presently, we face the greatest challenges in recorded history: global warming, food and water shortages, corrupt governments, immoral religious leaders, and weapons of mass destruction. It is no wonder, then, that people who subscribe to orthodox religions believe we are in "End Times," the prophesied period of destruction described in their Holy Books. On the other hand, those who subscribe to New Age theosophies believe we have begun a New Age, which they call the Age of Aquarius and which Oracle calls the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm.

For the past two thousand years, human evolution has centered on and been measured by intellectual growth, scientific discovery, and material accumulation. But these pursuits alone will not deliver us into the New Age, during which we shall have the knowledge and wisdom to build "Heaven on Earth." But first, we must undergo an evolution of consciousness – a Spiritual Revolution – in order to reach the next stage of our collective evolutionary journey. Such is God's plan for humanity.

The Oracle Institute suggests the Saddha process of spiritual enlightenment to help the soul achieve its evolutionary potential. This process encourages a journey of discovery (Truth); affirmative action based on compassion (Love); and faith in one shared Divine destiny (Light). We wish to build a sustainable, spiritual micro-community - the Valley of Light - that will facilitate the attainment of humanity's highest potentialities.

Economic Democracy

Oracle advocates economic democracy based on local financial planning, cooperatively managed businesses, and regional control of natural resources. By focusing on regionalized economies, we can put decision-making power back in the hands of local people and ensure the adequate availability of food, shelter, clothing, education, and health care for all. Moreover, regionalized economies better ensure that the needs of local people and the ecological systems of the Earth will not be exploited by corporations. Currently, this country subscribes to an economic model based on unchecked capitalism. This system is hierarchical, it encourages greed by rewarding those who run the corporations, it disenfranchises workers, and it ignores sound environmental standards. Therefore, we need a new economic model that focuses on environmental stewardship and on the well-being of local workers, who have an innate right to vote on the economic issues that impact their daily lives and well-being.

Basic Necessities Guaranteed to All

We believe the basic necessities of life are a birth right of all humans. People cannot attain their highest human potential if they lack food, shelter, clothing, education, or health care. Meaningful employment, a living wage, free education, and universal health care must be assured to all members of society. Under the capitalist model, workers rarely benefit when a corporation increases its productivity. But a true economic democracy guarantees that our basic standard of living will advance as the economy's productive capacity increases.


For a benevolent society, it is essential that leaders are morally principled and dedicated to serving humanity. Authority should not be concentrated in the hands of a few individuals, but should be expressed through collective leadership. The viability of any political democracy rests on an electorate possessing three factors: (i) education; (ii) socio-economic consciousness; and (iii) personal freedom. We believe that a variety of factors have contributed to the corruption of our nation's government and the ability of the people to participate meaningfully therein. We therefore advocate a new model of leadership in order to sustain a healthy vision for the Valley of Light.


Individuals should have complete freedom to express their ideas, creative potential, and inner aspirations. Such intellectual and spiritual freedom strengthens and enhances our lives. Restrictions should only be placed on actions which are clearly detrimental to the welfare of other people, other life forms, or our planet. Presently, our Constitution and founding principles are under attack. Therefore, it is time to build a new form of local government that values the innate freedoms and rights of all its citizens.

Cultural Diversity

In the spirit of universal fellowship, Oracle encourages the protection and cultivation of local culture, language, history, and tradition. For social justice and healthy order, individual and cultural diversity should be accepted and encouraged. Thus, we wish to build a sustainable spiritual community that honors the rich heritage and proud history of the people who live in the Appalachian Mountains that surround the New River Valley.

Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge that leads to technological advancement is an asset to humanity, provided that such new technologies are used properly and applied morally for the benefit of all. In fact, the ethical use of technology should free humanity to pursue social and spiritual goals. Unfortunately, though, the immoral use of technology is pervasive and it has contributed mightily to the exploitation, suffering, and death of humans, other life forms, and our ecological systems. Consequently, we believe that the time has come to limit the use of dangerous technologies that serve no purpose other than to harm and retard our collective evolutionary process.

Return of Feminine Energy

Oracle believes in the innate equal rights of men and women and we firmly denounce all forms of oppression, exploitation, and violence against women. We believe that the subjugation of feminine energy is a direct result of the patriarchal political and religious systems found throughout the world. We therefore affirmatively seek the economic, social, and spiritual empowerment of all women. And we embrace a view of Deity that honors and worships both the masculine and feminine energies that naturally occur in the Universe and which must be included in any healthy and inspirational image of the Godhead.

One World Spirituality

Oracle believes that the ideal of economic globalization – which presently is causing harm to untold numbers of people in the third world and even within the United States – is a fledgling attempt by holistic leaders to establish an equitable and balanced environment of planetary sustainability and spirituality. Unfortunately, however, men of power see it differently. They are using our altruistic desire for One World Spirituality to install a rigid plan of dominance, sometimes referred to as One World Order. Therefore, it is imperative that we acknowledge this sad and destructive tendency in many of our current political, religious, and financial leaders. Moreover, we must bravely resist their efforts to confuse and control us. We shall do this by maintaining the purity of our hearts, minds, and souls and by building a utopian community in the Valley of Light based on the premise that humanity is now ready to live in Spiritual Unity.