Messages from the Past, Present, and Future

For nearly 2,000 years, female Oracles were consulted by men of power whenever they contemplated major decisions related to their empires. Today, many people have the ability to tap into the unseen world and call upon the Wisdom of the Ages. On this blog-site, Oracle will host an open and visionary discussion about the major events and players affecting the upcoming paradigm shift.

ALL of Us are Co-Creating ALL the Time

Meditate on These Questions:

  • Do I believe a more utopian world is possible?
  • What do I want the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm to look and feel like?
  • Am I practicing honesty, compassion, harmony, and responsibility in my daily life, and where do I fall on the Spectrum of Consciousness?
  • Are my friends positive and productive people who share my peaceful worldview?
  • How can I help build the New World I seek?

Then Manifest the Future!

Whether you believe in God, karma, or the basic law of cause and effect, all of us understand that our choices have consequences – on both the personal and collective levels. That means each of us is responsible for what manifests.

Oracle believes that the “Game of Life” has rules:

  • We each get to play; AND
  • No one wins until we ALL win.

In other words, we’re all in this together. So please be mindful of your thoughts, words and deeds, since what you manifest impacts the entire world...

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