To Prospective Oracle Press Authors

Starting in 2010, Oracle Press began to offer a range of original works, primarily in the field of contemporary spirituality and mysticism. The following are the categories of literature that we are accepting for publication under the Oracle Press imprint:

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  • Non-fiction works on contemporary spirituality, including life journeys which illustrate the struggles, temptations, and triumphs of those most sensitive to the ongoing paradigm shift;
  • Personal dramas that show how God manifests in our lives in the 21st Century, and what spiritual freedom is or can be;
  • Spiritual journeys played out through courageous action in the fields of politics, economics, philosophy, science, and religion;
  • Contemporary fiction dealing with themes important to the Institute, including gender equality, racial harmony, religious tolerance, non-violence, and environmentalism; and
  • Speculative fiction about utopias/dystopias, extraterrestrial life, and scientific theories regarding the nature of the Universe, such as quantum physics and superstring theory.

Oracle Press is and will remain a small publishing house that will produce between three to five original works per year. These primarily will be non-fiction books of world-class quality and enduring appeal that will last as a permanent record of this current age of transition. Each work will be an affordable hardcover or paperback between 200 and 400 pages in length.

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts should be sent in hard copy format, following the guidelines found in How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen (or similar manual). PLEASE DO NOT SEND COMPLETE MANUSCRIPTS UNLESS REQUESTED.

Prospective authors should send their proposals only if they are strongly committed to actively publicizing their books, as this industry has become extraordinarily competitive. Oracle Press will publish only those books which: (i) have a potential of selling 10,000 or more copies within two years of publication; (ii) will stand out as unique in trade bookstores and on-line outlets; and (iii) possess enduring library, academic, and international appeal.

Authors will be notified by email of Oracle's decision on their proposals within 90 days. If complete manuscripts are requested, up to an additional 90 days may be required for a final decision on publication. Submitted materials cannot be returned. Authors selected for publication will retain the copyright on their works, receive the benefit of professional editing, and be guided through the marketing aspects of the book publishing industry. Oracle will have a strong and ongoing commitment to the commercial success of each work published under its imprint.

Queries or proposals may be sent to:

Eric Stetson, Editor
Oracle Institute Press, LLC
88 Oracle Way
Independence, VA 24348