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Damanhur is a community of 1,000 people located in the foothills of the Italian Alps.    It is almost entirely self-sustainable with over 80 businesses that foster agricultural and economic independence.  Damanhur was voted the most evolved community on the planet in 2007, and Damanhur has received world-wide recognition for its innovative approach to life.  A member of the Global Eco-Villages Network since 1998, Damanhur was the proud recipient of a United Nations sustainability award in 2005.

  • Can sustainable and eco-friendly practices be profitable?
  • Can small towns use & create local resources to improve their quality of life?
  • Can all this be done while honoring cooperation and community?
  • Can Damanhur’s model for success be repeated in the United States?

Damanhur is a place where dreams of a brighter future have been made a reality! One of their goals is to support other communities that want to be self-sufficient.  Share an evening with ambassadors Shama and Crotalo Sesamo from the Federation of Damanhur and see how they did it!  Also visit:

Date Location Cost Two ways to Register
Wednesday The 1908 Courthouse $15.00 in advance Mail Check to: Online Credit Card:
April 30, 2008 East Main Street $20.00 at the door The Oracle Institute

7:00 – 9:30 pm Independence, VA 24348   P.O. Box 368  
      Hamilton, VA 20159 or call (540)882-9252

Please join us and learn how a small town in Italy built a 21st Century community.

  • Damanhur is 50% food self-sufficient: with farms that raise cattle, pigs & fish; harvest vegetables, fruits & grains; and produce milk, cheese, oil, wine & honey.
  • Damanhur created the first co-operative in Italy to distribute organic products.
  • And they maintain a seed bank to ensure that none of their crops contain GMOs.
  • Damanhur meets 60% of its own water needs and 30% of its electrical needs with solar panels, photo-voltaic installations, and small hydro-electric turbines.
  • And they meet 90% of their heating requirements from wood that is generated through state of the art forestry practices.


Damanhur - people
This program will include a 30 minute video presentation on Damanhur, followed by a question and answer period. We invite you to share a special evening that is sure to entertain, inform, and inspire you!"
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