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From Self-Awareness to Self-Realization

Event Description


All of us on a spiritual path yearn for Self-Realization. It’s the objective of any true seeker. Nevertheless, few people know how to reach that goal, or even what Self-Realization really means. In this retreat, we will explore the ways in which we have approached spirituality to date, and we will explore Seven Steps that can take us there. Simple steps, yes, but not easy.

We will start with understanding what Self-Awareness actually is. We will continue our exploration by delving into Self-Worth and Self-Esteem. Then, we will deeply explore the various aspects of love and familiarize ourselves with Self-Confidence and Self-Respect to ultimately grasp what Self-Realization really is and how to achieve it. will come to understand that the key to Self-Realization is being there. These powerful concepts can change our life IF we apply them. Attendees will come to understand that the steps to get there are the qualities of being there.

The Seven Steps to Self-Realization offer an effective map to help us achieve a deep understanding of our spiritual process, and they will guide us to feel more empowered in fully expressing our potential. During these two days, we will discover spiritual freedom, while our hearts and minds will be touched and stimulated by practical and clear information. A powerful experience of awakening will give us the chance to walk our spiritual path with enhanced introspection and reach Self-Realization in our lifetime … because now we will know the steps to get there!

About Our Presenter(s)

Shama Viola (Manuela Terraluna) has dedicated her life to consciously living and teaching spiritual growth, art, and esoteric traditions. Shama has helped develop Damanhur’s esoteric traditions and practical approach to sacredness, rituals, and conscious living.

Shama is part of Damanhur’s worldwide outreach team and travels throughout Italy, Europe, and the US to spread Damanhur’s message of spiritual freedom, as well as sharing information about the Damanhurian dream for Humanity’s evolution.

Event Schedule Detail

Day 1


May 16

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Course
  • Session 2: Self-Awareness
  • Session 3: Self-Realization
  • Session 4: Self Worth/Self Respect 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Day 2


May 17

  • Session 5: Self Esteem/Self Confidence
  • Session 6: LOVE
  • Session 7: LOVE
  • Session 8: Bringing It All Together
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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