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We pledge to protect the Truth, share the Love, and follow the Light.

  • Our Mission is to Promote a Culture of Peace through Spiritual Growth and Sacred Activism
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Kogi Mamo


In September, Oracle is hosting the Original Caretakers Ceremonial Visit:
A rare event led by Kogi Mamos and Otomi Shamans from South America.

For nearly 500 years, the Kogi hid on their Sacred Mountain in Colombia.  Now, the Elders are coming to the Oracle Campus to perform Ceremony and to deliver an urgent Message from "Aluna" – the Great Mother.

Please DONATE and join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Upcoming Classes * Retreats * Events
Date Event Description Featuring
Logo Summer of Peace: A World of Common Ground
This summer we invite you to help ignite a world of change towards the peaceful, the inspired, and the common good.
Original Caretakers Ceremonial Visit
This event will be led by Kogi Mamos and Otomi Shamans who are visiting North America for the first time to spread their message of spiritual environmentalism.
Peace Pentagon Spirituality & Singing Salon
Female Shaman Women’s Vision Quest Retreat
Our annual Women's Retreat will feature shamanic journeys and ceremonies in the "Turtle Island Labyrinth" and NEW "Kogi Kiva."
Peace Pentagon October Salon