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The Oracle Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational charity.
We serve as an Advocate for Peace and a Vanguard for Conscious Evolution
by operating the first HUB on the "Wheel of Co-Creation"

Oracle Updates

The Building the New World Conference featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Building the New World conference ("BTNW") was a remarkable success! The conference took place at Radford University May 28 – 31, 2015, and it featured thought-leaders in each of the sectors on "Wheel of Co-Creation" designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

  1. Learning & Education
  2. Communications & Media
  3. Art & Culture
  4. Economics & Business
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations
  6. Justice & Governance
  7. Health & Wellness
  8. Food, Water & Environment
  9. Infrastructure & Resources
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Spirituality & Religion

Post-Conference networking successes include the potential for these amazing cross-sector collaborations:

  • Tiny House developments by architects Fred Oesch and Mark Frazier for micro-communities that participated at the conference;
  • Virtual reality game to model a NEW mythology for Earth to be developed by Betsy Pool with assistance from Charles Eisenstein;
  • New cooperative (employee-owned) businesses in each sector with help from Ajowa Ifateyo and Grassroots Economic Organizing;
  • Two-year experiment with BTNW co-sponsors operating under the Earth Constitution (i.e., template for a federated the Earth); and
  • Development of “the first HUB on the Wheel of Co-Creation” at Oracle’s Peace Pentagon, endorsed by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Stay tuned for additional post-conference networking projects at:

Oracle Institute Press Wins Fourth Book Award for Divine Attunement

Divine Attunement

Oracle Press is pleased to announce that its recent release - Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom, by Yuval Ron - has won the GOLD MEDAL in the Spirituality category from Indie Book Awards. Known internationally as the "Peace Musician," Mr. Ron is an award-winning composer and dedicated peace activist. Among his many achievements, Mr. Ron has produced more than 20 CD’s and over 100 musical compositions, including the score for the Oscar-winning musical West Bank Story.

You can learn more about Oracle Press by watching a new video which highlights the Oracle Press mission and our award-winning publications! Please also watch this trailer for Divine Attunement, which includes original music from Yuval Ron.

The Peace Pentagon: The HUB of the Wheel

"WE'RE ON A MISSION FROM GOD" to build the Peace Pentagon -- the first HUB on the Wheel of Co-Creation designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard. The HUB at the Peace Pentagon is a strategic center for scanning, mapping, and connecting emergent developments in each of the Wheel’s sectors. Our design of the HUB is underway, and we invite you to follow our progress at the Peace Pentagon drop down menus and

Due to your generosity, our "World-Wide We-Quest" campaign raised nearly $50,000, including three grants! This fundraising allowed us to install the windows and doors and put the roof on the building. Soon, we will launch another crowdsourcing campaign to complete the Peace Pentagon!

Click here to tour the Peace Pentagon, and watch the below video to learn about our plans for the building. Then PLEASE DONATE and post our "World-Wide We-Quest" link – – to help the Peace Pentagon go VIRAL!

Goal Thermometer

Please visit Oracle in 2015 and experience the magic and tranquility of the Peace Pentagon!

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